Asian Innovation Knoxout (National Geographic Channel)

Painting a pollution-free Philippines
By Bayani San Diego Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Quite appropriately, a new documentary on an environment-friendly Filipino invention will premiere on Sunday on National Geographic Channel—a day before Earth Day.

The docu, entitled “Asian Innovation: Knoxout,” is part of the NGC’s series “Innovasians.”
Documentarian Marnie Manicad, the docu’s director, told the Inquirer: “The ‘Innovasians’ series features different inventions from all over Asia. I wanted to showcase a unique invention from the Philippines: air-cleaning paint.”
Manicad was tasked to make the 10-minute docu on a type of paint that contains photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2) which turns ordinary water vapor to free radicals that break down two components of smog: NOx (highly reactive gases containing nitrogen and oxygen) and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

A Filipino company Pacific Paint is behind this innovation —which it developed with United Kingdom’s Cristal and is now available in the market under the brand name, Boysen KNOxOut, Manicad clarified.

Solid info

Manicad made sure that the docu’s informative component was solid—so that it wouldn’t come across as mere propaganda or an advertorial piece.
“From the very start, we made sure that we balanced the facts and information that will be included in the docu,” she explained. “Of course, it is factual to mention the product and what it can do to the environment, but we made it a point [to ensure] that our resource persons’ interviews were backed by studies.”
Rest assured, the docu passed through the network’s stringent screening process—the same drill that Manicad had become familiar with when she directed the docu “Inside: Malacañang” for NGC last year.
“The channel is very strict with content and technical quality.
Our script was screened by NGC teams in Hong Kong and Washington DC before it was voiced by (narrator) Joonee Gamboa,” she recalled.

As such, she made certain that she was equipped with “extensive research” before embarking on this project.
“NGC is one of the most credible documentary channels in the world,” she said. Since the docu will be aired on NGC, it will “highlight a Filipino achievement and invention to combat air pollution” on an international platform.

Telling this story in an engaging manner was a big challenge, she owned up. “We not only needed to come up with the best visuals, but viewers need to be able to feel, smell and appreciate those images.”
Feel-good docu

“This Filipino invention has caught the attention of first-world countries. It’s inspiring. We wanted to tell our countrymen and the world that air pollution is a major concern and that there is a Filipino invention that can help combat pollutants especially in urban centers,” she explained.
Last year, Manicad and her team began filming all over Edsa, Metro Manila’s main thoroughfare, which now features murals that used the air-cleaning paint. “We shot on Edsa for several days and nights while the murals were being painted.”



Home Base, GMA News TV

HOME BASE, a Filipino-produced television show airing at 10:00am on Saturdays at GMA News TV.

HOME BASE is a one-stop show for buying, building, designing and maintaining a home, and presents a step-by-step guide for Filipino families here and abroad.

The show will help us realize our Dream House through features on:

* Latest raw materials
* Building techniques
* Technology and design

We will have Buyer’s Guide Segments on:

* Acquisition
* Construction to finish
* Furnishing and maintenance

Premiered on April 28, 2012 on GMA News TV, HOME BASE airs every Saturday, 9:00-9:30am with re-airings on GMA International (GMA Pinoy TV) in the USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East.

It is hosted by Pia Guanio, with guest host Vice President Jejomar Binay for the HUDCC segments.

With the thrust of building homes and changing lives, HOME BASE is guided by these overarching questions: How do we apply what we learn to each of our dream homes as ordinary Filipinos, and more importantly, to the greater community around us? The vision we have for the show extends to scaling up whatever we learn in building homes–in terms of practical tips and sustainable technologies both simple and complex–in the hope of changing lives.

Home Base Teaser from Marnie Manicad on Vimeo.

National Geographic Channel’s INSIDE : MALACANANG

NGC T Card for printingJRR_5623


Filipina directs documentary on Malacañang for National Geographic Channel
By: Bayani San Diego Jr.
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Talk about the ultimate home invasion.

For the coming National Geographic Channel (NGC) documentary, “Inside Malacañang,” filmmaker Marnie Manicad gives viewers a peek into the country’s most tightly guarded address – the official residence and workplace of President Benigno Aquino III.

Manicad didn’t go into the project blindly; she was fully aware of the challenges. Securing all the necessary permits and gaining the insiders’ trust were only the beginning.

“We got access to the most secluded parts of the Palace,” she recounted. “We also had to convince the Presidential Security Group (PSG) that we needed to film their training sessions and operations.”

Deeper insight

Manicad and her team had to justify their every move, especially if it involved the four people who are closest to the President – the group commander of the PSG, the personal security aide, the food tester and the presidential photographer.

She was stunned to discover that there actually was a person assigned to taste the President’s meals beforehand. She admitted, “I thought the food tester was an urban legend.”

Making the docu yielded other discoveries as well. “I learned more about the history and evolution of the place. It provided us with a deeper insight on the Palace – not just the physical structure, but its meaning to us, as Filipinos.”

n making “Inside Malacañang,” Manicad said, she was inspired by the NGC docus “Inside the Vatican,” “Inside: The Obama White House,” “Air Force One” and “Restrepo: Outpost Afghanistan.”

These “nontraditional” stories encouraged Manicad to “push the limits” of local docu-making. “It’s difficult to make docus, especially if it’s about a heavy topic,” she admitted. “In doing narrative feature films, you can adjust on the set. But with docus, you need complete grasp of the subject, because you can’t make excuses once you start shooting.”

Things are made more arduous by the very high journalistic and filmmaking standards set by NGC, whose editors went over every line of the script with a fine-toothed comb.

“For this docu, I had a 16-page voiceover script,” Manicad related. “But with the added research annotations and references, it reached over 84 pages. NGC is that strict when it comes to facts and details.”

NGC doesn’t accept popular online sources such as Wikipedia for the kind of information she needed. “You should only rely on books, actual reports and first-hand interviews,” the filmmaker said. “The script had to be cleared by NGC Singapore, Hong Kong and Washington DC before we could record the final narration, done by veteran actor Joonee Gamboa.”

It’s a landmark docu. It will not just give viewers an unprecedented, all-access pass to the Palace; it will also be shown on National Geographic channels all over the globe in the first quarter of this year.

“It’s unbelievable. I only used to dream about making docus. Now, not only did I finish one; as a bonus, it will be aired on NGC,” Manicad said.

Top supporter

Helping her every step of the way was husband Jiggy Manicad, GMA 7 reporter and anchor. “Jiggy has always been my top supporter. He breathes news and investigative docus. He gives me a lot of constructive criticism. We’re a team. He acted as creative consultant on this docu and also on my coming film.”

Apart from producing the motoring show “Turbo Zone” on GMA News TV, she also codirected with Cesar Apolinario, her husband’s fellow GMA 7 reporter, a feature film entitled “Dance of the Steelbars,” top-billed by Hollywood actor Patrick Bergin and Kapuso star Dingdong Dantes. “In the works is another docu for NGC in 2012. I also hope to produce a new TV show soon,” she said.


Video below is the teaser for INSIDE : MALACANANG. Enjoy!

Turbo Zone on GMA News TV

turbo zone logo new

Actor and comedian Ramon Bautista and Top Gear Philippines Editor-in-Chief Vernon Sarne will host the country’s first and only reality TV Motoring show Turbo Zone.

Produced by Marnie Manicad Productions International (MMPI), the same team behind the National Geographic Channel’s Inside Malacanang (for global airing on March 2102), Turbo Zone will feature motoring from the point of view of car owners: from high-end motorists and their sports cars to everyday drivers behind the wheel of public utility vehicles and parents rallying their choice cars for the family.

“Turbo Zone is young and fresh, and lets us satiate our appetite for cars, motoring gadgets and automotive market trends,” says Marnie Manicad, MMPI producer and director. “Expect to get candid reviews from streetwise host Ramon Bautista whose humor is balanced by the credibility of guest host Vernon Sarne.”

“We will feature real people with real motoring problems, and also help out prospective buyers of vehicles in choosing the right car for them,” says Manicad. On board as technical consultant is Beeboy Bargas.





Primer Group of Companies AVP

The Primer Group of Companies is a retail and distribution powerhouse engaged in the distribution and licensing of the world’s top consumer and industrial products. The Primer Group has over 50 premium outdoor and lifestyle brands with over 100 free-standing concept stores, 600 doors in consignment all of which are in regional (ASEAN) operation across Asia. Steadily, the Primer Group is rapidly flourishing in the retail and distribution business as it opened regional companies and concept stores in Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.


Clearly, with its 25 years of unparalleled growth and solid business foundation, the Primer Group of Companies is set to reach greater heights in the retail and distribution industry as it brings closer to Asia the world’s best consumer brands in:

* Premium luggage and travel bags
* Footwear and apparel
* Outdoor wear and equipment


In the pursuit of continuous growth and excellence, the conglomerate diversified into several large scale businesses in industrial products and services, with regional operations in the following:

* Manufacturing operations of industrial ink
* Garment printing operations
* Distribution and maintenance of air conditioning and mechanical ventilation (ACMV) systems


Truly enough, with its network of companies across the ASEAN region multiplying in a pace never achieved before, the Primer Group of Companies is realizing its vision to become the LEADER in the global distribution and innovation of premium goods and services and with achievements and international retail commendations, the Primer Group will continue its mission to bring the world closer to its customers as the company and its strong 1200 employees adhere to its five core values: entrepreneurial spirit, passion for excellence, integrity, teamwork and self-discipline.

Primer Group of Companies AVP from marnie manicad on Vimeo.

Phi-Phi Hotel and Beach Resorts Teaser

Set in the calm shores of Morong, Bataan, Phi-Phi Hotel and Beach Resort is your perfect getaway. Envisioned as a family resort, it offers air-conditioned rooms and open air cabanas for that perfect seaside picnic or company outing.

Enjoy delectable Kapampangan dishes while you lounge by the beach, catch the sunset from your own beachfront room or take a night swim in our private pool. At Phi-Phi Hotel and Beach Resort, they make sure you feel right at home.

Phi-Phi Hotel and Beach Resort, your home on the beach.

Phi Phi Hotel and Beach Resort Final AVP from marnie manicad on Vimeo.

For inquiries visit:

Poveda 50th AVP










72421_1658555068377_1372164864_1735369_6176068_n(photos by Toots Castrillo)

In commemoration of Poveda’s 50th anniversary this year,  a benefit dinner and show was held on October 16, 2010 at the Saint Pedro Poveda College Gym-Auditorium entitled “CHEERS for the YEARS! Re-LIVING it”­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­, proceeds of which went to the Saint Pedro Poveda Multi-Purpose Cooperative (SPPMPC), an organization run by the school whose main service is to grant financial loans to its members, hardworking Poveda employees, and also for the priority projects of the school, like the renovation of the chapel, to fund scholarships, etc

A variety show was held with performances featuring alumnae from the many different batches, such as Amina Aranaz-Alunan, Audrey Tan-Zubiri, Alyanna Martinez, Giselle Sanchez, Karylle Tatlonghari, Rissa Mananquil, Tessa Nieto, and many more. Also present was Edu Manzano who hosted the fashion show segment. It was a short walk down memory lane as we re-lived the many things that made growing up and studying in Poveda unforgettable. Never before seen performances, videos and pictures will be featured along with musical production numbers that will surely be familiar to you.

View below the AVP Marnie Manicad Productions did for the event:

Poveda 50th AVP from marnie manicad on Vimeo.

South Pole Expedition 2010

The South Pole Expedition 2010. We need not belabor the issue of concern for climate change for it is already upon us, having experienced the searing heat of recent days. Recent events in Haiti, Chile and lately in the island of Sumatra, plus the effects of El Niño on our agricultural sector paint a bleak picture on what is and what is headed our way. While we are starting to recoil from Mother Nature’s comeuppance for our abuses, we Filipinos, as a people have yet to gather round to address these changes. So, the question is, “What would galvanize Filipinos together to take in hand the issue of climate change?” Enter the South Pole Expedition 2010 and our fervent hope that this will be the klaxon horn call to our countrymen and start off a ripple effect towards positive action on the issue of Climate Change.

The idea of the South Pole Expedition 2010 was initially hatched by Coach Bobby del Castillo and given flesh by the Climate Changers with the vision of capturing the imagination and hearts of most Filipinos; that is, to do something extraordinarily, like having a Filipino hike to the South Pole’s center with the mission to dramatically deliver the prayer petitions of the Filipino nation on Climate Change to the world, and an attempt to beat the world record in 32 days.

South Pole Expedition 2010 from marnie manicad on Vimeo.